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    Accepted Kazooo's Moderator Application

    Accepted because I felt bad enough that you'd make a mod application on a dead server.
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    Accepted Quests - Populate the city with NPCs!

    We've been working on quests for a little while now. It's something that you will be seeing on the server.
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    Denied Account Unlock Appeal

    If you are able to figure out payment, you are allowed to purchase an account unlock.
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    Accepted Draz Suggestion#1 - Insurance

    This is a nice idea. We will try to work with it. Thanks for your suggestion! Thread closed.
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    Denied Draz Suggestion #2 - Hours of donor

    While this is is an interesting idea, it would not work with our current set up. Thanks for your suggestion. Thread closed.
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    Denied Draz Suggestion #3 - Mending books in /buy

    We prefer that players rely as little as possible on donation gifts to prevent the server from becoming pay-to-win. Thanks for your suggestion. Thread closed.
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    Denied Ban Appeal GodKiller_OP

    We have a plugin that allows us to view the data of every block. There were numerous sites and structures that were created which violated our rules and were most likely placed purely to cause trouble. Upon investigating, these sites linked back to your account. You knew very well that what you...
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    Accepted MELVlN's Mod Application

    Thank you for your application. We are pleased to offer you a position as moderator on the server. Welcome to the team!
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    Accepted Officer App.

    Thank you for your application. We are pleased to offer you a position as an officer on the server. Welcome to the team!
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    Accepted Draz Suggestion #4 - Vote Garbage recycling

    While those items might not be useful to a Mayor with a complete town, they are helpful for new players who need extra gear. However, I agree that you should still be rewarded for your voting so we'll look into adding a buy back program for unused voting rewards. Thanks for your suggestion and...
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    Denied Draz Suggestion#5 - Enchanted book return system

    Part of the point is that you need to work to enchant books and have the patience to get what you want. While the idea is nice, it would make enchanting too easy and enchants in general less valuable. Thanks for the suggestion. Thread closed.
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    Accepted City PVP

    We are working on ways to prevent those in combat from simply pvp abusing. Thanks for your suggestion. Thread closed.
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    Denied Draz Suggestion#6 - Good Sumeritan Rank

    While this is an interesting idea, it's unnecessary. If your goal is to reach out and make the new players feel that they are around trust worthy members, it would be best to engage with them in game to build that relationship and show them you're there to help them. Thanks for your suggestion...