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  1. th3m3w

    swagranger78's Moderator Application

    This application is EXTREMELY short. "brosin" your/res says June 27th yet you claim June 2nd??? in the "Why do you believe your suitable" section you really didnt give any reasons specific for mods.
  2. th3m3w

    My potential inactivity

    Well other than me ranting about this in discord we kinda have a potential CAT 4 hurrane headed our way in florida so we gotta prepare by putting up shutters etc etc. Ill be back soon tho guys :D Max 1-2 weeks without wifi
  3. th3m3w

    Accepted Quests - Populate the city with NPCs!

    pls no 2.0 battle bus
  4. th3m3w

    Denied Account Unlock Appeal

  5. th3m3w

    Denied Account Unlock Appeal

    You dont need to create a paypal account to do the transaction.
  6. th3m3w

    Denied Account Unlock Appeal

    I think theres an option to put in cards via paypal? Thats what I used to do before I got an account. I think you need to make a ban appeal before you buy an account unlock (If approved)
  7. th3m3w

    Nation spawn

    ^We need nation spawn. If Omicron can have one I think Kanada should also
  8. th3m3w

    Denied DarkLordRunner's Officer Application

    Dude I can't recommend this. For one you didnt mention the ban you had on the old application. Also I really couldn't care what your town is run by. That just looks like you trying to make the application longer. You said in game multiple times before that anyone NOT in your weird nation thing...
  9. th3m3w


    Broooo you were fun :(
  10. th3m3w

    flamingohs' Moderator Application

    Why do I like this yellow text..... So lets just get into the important shit I can most likely forgive auto fishing. Though it can fuck some shit up with p4 mending but :P Decent application in my opinion. Cant find anything terribly wrong that I need to mention. Good luck Flamingo
  11. th3m3w

    Denied Add Backpacks and Iron chests

    This isn't crazycraft man. Also you dont seem to understand mods and PLUGINS are very different.
  12. th3m3w

    Denied Monkeys ociffer app

    Monkey dude. You know we chill in game but not recommended man :( Just read the application and whatnot. You may see my reasoning
  13. th3m3w

    Denied Add Tinker's Construct

    Do you mean plugin? Also I know Zeld is against OP Prison feeling on here. And I can see why. no fun fighting with p50
  14. th3m3w

    Spook is gey

    Spook is gey
  15. th3m3w

    Accepted MELVlN's Mod Application

    I like the fact that you're so active. 80% of the time when I'm on you're on. You seem mature and are pretty chill in voice chats when Im talkin to you. good luck!