Draz Suggestion#6 - Good Sumeritan Rank

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New member
Aug 10, 2019
The idea is a bit more complex than my other 5 suggestions so far, basically people like being special, and/or having some sort of staff appointed rank. I believe there should be a Good Sumeritan rank, now it will be prefix prior to your rank like:

[Good Guy] [Mayor] neveldraz: Hi

Sort of like that ^^^

Basically a Good Sumeritan is a trusted user, not staff, no privilages, but it just shows that he is trusted by the staff and the community, now to become a Good Sumeritan, you will need to make an application, and the staff will review it.

To be a good Sumeritan one must not have had a ban or a mute in the past 2 months. And must be approved by staff (as mentioned prior) A Good Sumeritan will also have the disability of not being able to attack users of rank farmer and lower. (To prove their good sumeritan-ism)

A Good Sumeritan is basically a rank that will show new players and old that you are trust worthy.

Good Sumeritans will have access to their own discord channel, sort of like staff do.

People can lose their Good Sumeritan rank if they cause major grief, get banned or muted, or excessively scam other users/ or prove they are untrustworthy in any other way.

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