Jayscoolthings' Mute Appeal


New member
Aug 10, 2019
In-game Name: Jayscoolthings

In-game Rank: Mayor

Why were you banned and/or muted?: Racism: Saying the N-word.

When were you banned and/or muted?: End of July / beginning of August. I forget.

Who were you banned and/or muted by?: Mar

How long were you banned and/or muted?: Forever

Why do you believe you should be unbanned/unmuted?: I understand that the word I used is inappropriate, and I shouldn't have said it. My reasoning for saying this is because I was online with DarkLordRunner, and there is an ongoing joke that he will screenshot anything inappropriate that is said. I didn't think he would, as we are friends, but sure enough, he did. I have learned from this mute. I do not condone the meaning behind the word that I had used, and I will not use it again in the future.


Staff member
Aug 8, 2019
Your mute has been reduced to a 7 day tempmute.

We do not tolerate racism and racial slurs on our server. If you are issued another mute for this same reason, you will be permanently muted without the chance to appeal.