MELVlN's Mod Application


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Aug 9, 2019
In-game Name: MELVlN

In-game Rank (Must be Civilian or higher): Mayor

Age: 16

What time can you moderate the chat? (Ex: 1PM-4PM + your timezone):
July and August - 10 am to 12 am EST (often later than 12 am)
September to June - Evenings 8 pm -12 am EST ~ I can moderate earlier on Minechat if I’m needed

How long have you played on our server?: Joined on June 18 and have close to 15 days of playtime at the time of applying

Have you ever been muted or banned?: No, I’m a good boy.

If so, why and for how long?: N/A

Why do you believe you’re suitable for the Moderation role?:
I believe I am suitable for the role because I’m fair, always able to moderate chat, currently have one of the most hours on the server, and am able to help players from Fugitive to Mayor with commands. Over the time I've been on, I’ve witnessed how other staff resolve conflicts between players. I've also learned what’s right and wrong from these experiences. I love playing the server and would love to be more involved / help out, and I believe being a mod would allow me to do so.

Extra Information:
-Username was Melvin813 in 1.0
-I have lots of experience with towny commands since I was both mayor and co-mayor in 1.0
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Aug 8, 2019
I like the fact that you're so active. 80% of the time when I'm on you're on. You seem mature and are pretty chill in voice chats when Im talkin to you.
good luck!


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Aug 10, 2019
Very active, very chill, very nice. 100% Support, but Id like a longer application.