Accepted Quests - Populate the city with NPCs!

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Aug 27, 2019
I believe a flaw in the gameplay in Bronsin is the replayability of content.

Upon completing prestige, players create a town and build it up with friends. To me, I consider this to be the endgame of Bronsin as it is fairly settled, with many towns having all the necessary buildings or "objectives" complete, and many are left wondering: "What can I do"?

I am suggesting:

Quests, in my opinion, are essential for player replayability and expand on the already Prison-Towny experience. Quests are present in most, if not all current generation games and offer goals and rewards for players who are willing to go out of the way of the main objective, in Bronsin's case, completing prestige/making a town. Likewise, it builds on the roleplay experience by adding NPC's and filling in empty spots around the city!

How quests would operate:

- Quests can be highly customisable and offer variety for a player. A player can do a lot or very little for a quest and rewards can be changed to suit.
- Quests can be set on a schedule, making them reoccurring and varying in objectives. Daily, weekly, monthly, occasional quests! (Celebrate a moderators birthday with a quest!)
- Quests can be configured to fit into the Roleplay aspect of Bronsin. For example, a hostile establishment can be created and when entered for any reason (complete quests, or access, for example, a unique shop), players can be arrested in attempting to complete the quest! These quests can in some cases offer better or unique rewards for players daring enough to complete these.
- Quests can be built upon already existing replayability devices, such as the achievements or by using in-game mechanics! It could even be used as a tutorial not only for newcomers but to introduce players to an area or activity such as an event or city services! (Thank you PapayaPirate for bringing this up)
- Make a quest to lure players into voting by offering free donator status! haha.. unless..
- In a way to make player interaction more satisfying, players could create a quest with conditions and have a quest NPC as themselves (through plugins)!

Furthermore, more replayability = more returning players, as it gives them something to do beyond prestige! I believe with the addition of quests, the player interaction between staff and players through new reoccurring content will engage and encourage players to stay for longer, and make their stay rewarding!

Please provide your own feedback, I'd love to hear from what we as a community have to say about replayability!
- Rocken1
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