New member
Aug 4, 2019
Recently I've been thinking a lot about Bronsin and the status of the server. I think the server is doing great and the admins in charge are doing fantastic. Working over 60 hours a week I have no time to be on Bronsin and help the community. I really enjoyed creating something that is so special to all of us. It was a rough start with a lot of challenges to over come, still I wouldn't change how it came to be. I am super proud of all of the things this server has accomplished. Also a huge thanks for all of people who have helped this grow and become something great. I have great faith that the server will expand and bring more joy to players all around.
But.. I know I was "Everyone's" Favorite. :) So I'm sorry to leave, I'm sure it's not a huge surprise to a lot of you. You know inactive and everything. For the ones to stay loyal to Bronsin and all new challenges you may face. I envy you the most.

Huge Thanks for the one's who helped turn this thought into a reality.

Zeld. Keep control of the server.
Spook. Do spook things.
Captain. You killin it
Mar. God, you are 10/10
TMD. Good at CSGO

And a special thanks again for all of favorite people from the best community in the world. :D