swagranger78's Moderator Application


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Sep 2, 2019
In-game Name: swagranger78
In-game Rank (Must be Civilian or higher): Civilian
Age: 15
What time can you moderate the chat? (Ex: 1PM-4PM + your timezone): 3-4:45 PM depending on when school practice starts (Eastern Standard Timezone)
How long have you played on our server?: Since June 27, 2019
Have you ever been muted or banned?: N/A
If so, why and for how long?: N/A
Why do you believe you’re suitable for the Moderation role?: I've enjoyed my time on Bronsin and I would love to help out the community. Whenever the staff isn't online people say mean, racist, and rude things. I know basic commands and I feel I'm well suited to be a Moderator as I would do my part in the community helping others and punishing players that break the rules.
Extra Information: Fishing is a hobby. Please consider me for the spot of Moderator. Thank you, have a fantastic day!
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Aug 8, 2019
This application is EXTREMELY short. "brosin"
your/res says June 27th yet you claim June 2nd???
in the "Why do you believe your suitable" section you really didnt give any reasons specific for mods.