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Jul 27, 2019
Towny FAQ.

Q: Can I move my town outpost spawn to another location in the area?

A: Towny only permits for users to move the outpost spawn within the [outpost] chunk. To do so you must stand where you want the new outpost spawn and type /t set outpost [outpost number]. If you wish to move the outpost to an entirely different chunk you will need to delete the old outpost and create a new one (N.B. This will have an additional cost).

Q: My town got griefed, why?

A: Towns are open to griefing depending on what setting you have your town. In order to remove all perms in the town (excluding individual plots owned by users) type /t set perm off. This will remove the capability for town members to build, destroy, open and switch throughout the town. (N.B. Only make residents you trust 110% town assistants as the rank 'Town Assistant' has nearly every permission for the town and can destroy/build anywhere; including player owned plots). In this, it is always best to join towns with the mayor/assistant you can trust (or store your stuff in a Bronsin owned plot or Bronsin Bank).

Q: Residents cannot kill passive mobs on the plot, why?

A: Passive Mobs (sheep, cow, pig, chicken, etc.) can only be killed on plots that the individual player owns or plots where residents can destroy the grass. If you want to make a passive mob farm you can use either water or food to make the mobs move into a 'Wilderness' plot where you will be able to kill them. Due to a towny glitch, if you're standing on a 'Wilderness' plot you can kill mobs in towns as towny does not protect mobs in this aspect. If you wish to allow residents to kill mobs on the plot set the plot perm to allow residents to break with /plot set perm friend destroy on; (N.B. - This perm will also allow residents to destroy your spawner)

Q: My town has disappeared! Where did it go?

A: It is likely that your town has failed to pay the server the required upkeep. Upkeep is the tax the town must pay to server each day. Depending on the number of residents in your town depends on how much this upkeep will cost. Once the town has failed to pay the required tax Towny will remove all plots on the town, this allows anyone to go and loot your old town. In order to cover the cost for Upkeep you can set a town tax with /t set taxes [$] (this can also be a percentage). You can also set a tax per plots, shop plots, embassy plots and so forth with:

Q: I have logged in and my balance is low! Help!

A: A loss of money whilst not online can be attributed to a number of things. Firstly, ask yourself if you've got any 'Shop' signs around (including in any previous towns and plots). Secondly, type /res tax. This command will show you what taxes you're being charged in your town. Although some town's do not charge a tax they do charge a plot tax; when taxes are collected, your money gets lower. Lastly, your balance could be attributed to someone else having access to your account (this is a very rare event and other options should be considered first). It is near impossible for someone to hack your money.

Q: How do I change a shop/embassy/arena/spleef/wilds plot back to a normal town plot?

A: Plots can be set to a special plot which allows residents/allies or everyone different permissions. Embassy plots allow any town members to buy the plot etc.. The command to set it to a special plot is /plot set shop/embassy/arena/spleef/wilds. However, once set to a 'special' plot you must type /plot set default to reset the plot back to a town specific plot.

Q: How do I change the name of a town plot

A: To change the name of a plot you must either own the plot, be a town assistant or town mayor. The command is /plot set name [name]. If you wish to add a space to the name use '_'. Example: To set a plot name to "Sexy Building" you'd need to stand on the plot and type /plot set name Sexy_Building. You cannot use color codes in plot names, nor can you use all caps. (N.B. Bypassing the filter with plot names is against the rules).

Q: How do I add my friends to my town plot?

A: You can add friends to your account's friend list. If you type /res you will see a list of users that you have added to your friend list. To allow these users to touch or build on your town plot you need to adjust the permissions. Use /plot set perm friend build on -> Allows friends to build on your plot. /plot set perm friend destroy on -> Allows friends to destroy on your plot. /plot set perm friend itemuse on -> Allows friends to use items on your plots. /plot set perm friend switch on -> Allows friends to switch on your plot.

Q: When I try to claim more town chunks the server says "There is not enough town blocks to claim this chunk," Why!?

A: If you type /t - You will see around the top half of the green text there is a "Town Size: #/#" This shows you the number of chunks your town can claim. If the two numbers match it means you have reached town chunk capacity (e.g. Town Size: 10/10). If the number says 11/10 then your town is over sized and you should down size immediately. To get more town chunks you will need to invite more residents to your town.

Q: A lot of my town was randomly unclaimed, Why?!

A: This is because your town was most likely over claimed in chunks, do ./t or ./town and it will say near the top: "Town Size: ### / ###" if The First Number > The Second Number, that means that your town is over claimed and will either be fined, or chunks will be unclaimed down to the town's chunk limit.
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